UR Home Investments

We buy, improve & repair properties in Melbourne, Florida.  
For fast sale we take over payments. No need for you to spend money on repairs!
We buy estates or probate properties, too!

Fast purchase!  Move quickly!

Have you received a new job offer and need to relocate?  We can take over payments, so you can move as soon as possible.

Have an estate, a probate, or inherited property that needs work? This is such a challenge, especially from a distance.  I can get you quick cash to purchase the property, and do the repairs.  We aim for a fast purchase so that you can move quickly to your new home.  You don't have to fix the house. I take care of that aspect.  We can handle documents through FedEx, and can sign contracts electronically.  Selling an inherited property can be fast and easy! 

II have partnered with a business that will buy the contents of houses, such as vacation rentals or probate properties, so that sellers need not be concerned with clearing out the contents.  In this manner, we can provide a fast purchase of contents, as well.

Have a divorce situation and need to move quickly? Often a newly single person can't afford the payments.   We'll help with the house so that the burden is lifted and you can move forward with the next phase of your life.

Late on mortgage payments?  In this situation, too, you must act quickly.  Don't allow late payments or a foreclosure drop your credit score!  Call me today so we can work on a solution. 

Get rid of that problem house today!